Who we are:

Dependable Analytics is a data consulting firm with a core team and a broad network of skilled young professionals,  aims to generate high value added in the fields of data analysis, financial modeling, strategic & business planning and implementation.

Our way of doing business:

  • Real business value in focus
  • Building long term partnerships
  • Continuous two-way communication
  • Eagerness to learn and develop
  • Motivation and flexibility
Bence Erdelyi
Earned his MBA at Quinnipiac University in the USA, holds PMP designation, enrolled in the CFA program as level III candidate. Gained experience in the field of supply chain, retail, online accommodation sales, strategy and energy. Has 8 years of entrepreneurship experience, 3,5 years of work experience in the USA. Passionate about aquaculture.
Endre Szolnoki
Chief Data Scientist
Finished his MBA at CEU Business School in 2016, economist, major in Applied Statistics. Has 7 years of work experience as analyst and consultant. Did extensive modeling works mostly in the energy field. Gained work experience in the UK, London. Currently building data analytics team. Very passionate about healthcare.

Tamás László Bátyi
Financial Modeling & Quantitative Analytics
After earning his Masters in Economics at CEU, Tamás has started his PhD. and academic career at UC Berkeley for three years. He is obsessed with advanced mathematical models, his focus areas are financial and behavioral economics, advanced mathematical tools for economists. He lives in San Francisco, California.
Sandor Sovago
Statistical Modeling & Analytics
After earning his PhD in Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Specialized in causal microeconometric models and impact evaluation. Consulted the World Bank on the development of forecasting systems in the banking sector. Taught Undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Econometrics and Big Data. Dissertation on market design in education using simulation, causal-, and predictive-econometric methods.
Balint Tamasi
Economist & Data scientist
Economist/Data Scientist who blends experience in economic research with expertise in data analysis and thorough knowledge of econometric methods. Effectively solves complex, non-standard problems by utilizing solid quantitative and programming skills. Hands-on experience includes analysing financial stability, forecasting economic outcomes, and modelling credit risk.