Data Science Scholarship

Call for Applications 2018 Summer Data Science ScholarshipGet started and enhance your skills in the field of Data Science!

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This scholarship is open to the general public interested in Data Science. Applicants 18 years of age or older are invited to apply. We’ll review all applications and select up to 3 recipients to participate in our Data Science Scholarship. You’ll spend 3 months learning all you need to get successfully started in the world of data. The top student from this scholarship will get an offer for a full time position.


This scholarship is mainly designed for beginners with:

– Solid English knowledge
– Willingness to learn
– High motivation
– Capability of working alone as well as in teams


If you already have experience in Data Science, click here, because we also have an opportunity for you.


– Currently enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in Economics, Finance, Computer Science or related IT fields, Mathematics or Biology
– Solid background in statistics or math
– Some background in any programming languages
– Advanced excel skills as a basis to start from


If you are selected, we will put together a tailored learning plan for you that will suit your capabilities.

Data skills

There are multiple data sources where you can get data from. You can learn about data storage, data structures, cleansing and processing data.

Coding skills

R and Python are the most widely used
programming languages in data science.
You will get to choose from them and
you will start cracking data in no time.

Visualization skills

Data visualization is a very important part of data science so insights can be interpreted by the client quickly and easily. There are multiple platforms on which you can develop your visualization skills.


During your scholarship you will get continuous support from us. We want you to get the most out of your time here.


We have many small experimental projects going on and you’ll be able to join them as well.


Based on your motivation, skills and results, you will earn stipends over the three months.


  1. Who are we? – Read about our team
  2. Where is the office? – At the Nyugati Square
  3. What are you doing? – Our services and intro
  4. What if I live in the countryside? – Just go ahead and apply, we will figure out a way.
  5. How much time will be required from me? – We expect 20 hours a week at least but in a flexible schedule.
  6. Do I need to be in the office all the time? – No, but some time will be required on a regular basis, but again we are flexible on this.
  7. Can I go on holidays during the summer? – Yes.
  8. What if my school program starts before September 1st? – No problem, just let us know.
  9. How much is the stipend? – It depends on your skills, motivation, and effort.
  10. What if I am not a student? – No problem.
  11. What if I am more interested in a job rather than a scholarship? – Read this and still send your resume and motivation letter.
  12. Why is it called a scholarship? – It aims to establish your knowledge in data science so that you will look for a job or internship after this.
  13. Why are you doing this? – We want to spread the knowledge and hope that you will join us after your scholarship as a new member of our team.



The application process is simple. You will send your CV and motivation letter to us through the application form at the bottom. We will conduct interviews with pre-selected applicants. You will be notified via email regardless of the outcome of your application. Chosen scholars will start on June 1st.

Applications due

May 20th, 2018

Send your CV and motivation letter

Interviews conducted

May 22-25th, 2018
We will conduct interviews with pre-selected applicants

Recipients notified

May 25th, 2018

Scholarship begins

June 1st, 2018


Spread the word, tell your friends and apply!

"Data Science is at the intersection of Business, Statistics and Programming, with a special focus on Communication. That is how we deliver value." by Endre Szolnoki, Chief Data Scientist at Dependable Analytics