Dependable Analytics is a data consulting firm with a core team and a broad network of skilled young professionals, aims to generate high value added in the fields of data analysis, financial modeling, strategic & business planning and implementation.

Bence Erdelyi, MBA


Earned his MBA at Quinnipiac University in the USA, holds PMP designation, enrolled in the CFA program as level III candidate.
Gained experience in the field of supply chain, retail, online accommodation sales, strategy and energy.
Has 8 years of entrepreneurship experience, 3,5 years of work experience in the USA. Passionate about aquaculture.

Endre Szolnoki, MBA


Finished his MBA at CEU Business School in 2016, economist, major in Applied Statistics. Has 7 years of work experience as analyst and consultant.
Did extensive modeling works mostly in the energy field. Gained work experience in the UK, London. Currently building data analytics team. Very passionate about healthcare.

Sandor Sovago, PhD


After earning his PhD in Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Specialized in causal microeconometric models and impact evaluation. Consulted the World Bank on the development of forecasting systems in the banking sector.
Dissertation on market design in education using simulation, causal-, and predictive-econometric methods.

Balint Tamasi


Economist/Data Scientist who blends experience in economic research with expertise in data analysis and thorough knowledge of econometric methods. Effectively solves complex, non-standard problems by utilizing quantitative and programming skills. Hands-on experience includes analysing financial stability, forecasting economic outcomes.

Tamas Laszlo Batyi


After earning his Masters in Economics at CEU, Tamás has started his PhD. and academic career at UC Berkeley for three years. He is obsessed with advanced mathematical models, his focus areas are financial and behavioral economics, advanced mathematical tools for economists. He lives in San Francisco, California.

Istvan Fodor, PhD


Graduated as a veterinarian at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. Earned his PhD in Veterinary Science studying the efficiency of reproductive management in dairy cattle. His main area of interest is analyzing data regarding animal health and production.

Attila Erdely, MBA


Earned his MBA at Quinnipiac University in the USA. Gained data visualization experience at a US energy and utility company, where he developed an approach to synchronize the data gathering of 100+ operations metrics of 4 operating companies and was responsible for the preparation of the monthly Executive Dashboard of financial results and operational KPIs.


We planned to reward three applicants for our 2018 Summer Data Science Scholarship, but we have got some great candidates so eventually we doubled our budget for the program and accepted six of them. We proudly present our scholars for this summer. We hope that they will become data scientist soon. Wish them good luck!

Máté Zahari

Supply Chain Analyst Trainee

Earned his supply chain engineering degree at Aalborg University in Copenhagen and completed an information systems exchange program at The University of Melbourne.
Gained operations management experience in the African marketplace.
Passionate about data-driven solutions leading to optimized operation and sustainable supply chains.

Dominik Gulácsy

IoT & Data Science Trainee

Sophomore at Corvinus University of Budapest studying International Business who is motivated to use relevant academic knowledge to solve problems through optimisation.
Dedicated to fully support the development of new business solutions in close collaboration with team members by IoT and data science applications.
Gained experience in SQL and VBA but looking forward to learning more. A keen supporter of the circular economy.

Máté Váradi

Data Science Trainee

After earning his BA in Business Administration and Management at Corvinus University of Budapest, Máté will pursue a Masters Degree in Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Interested in behavioral economics and marketing research. Enjoys learning both human and computer languages.
Dedicated to help organizations and individuals make rational decisions with the help of data science.

Kristóf Reizinger

Data Science Trainee

Graduating this year at CUB in Economic and Financial-Mathematical Analysis, Kristóf is specialized in financial mathematics and numeric finance in VBA.
He also gained experience in bank systems and agent-based behavioural economics modelling.
His field of interest includes machine learning algorithms and deep learning, which he intends to use for analysing financial markets.

Ádám Huszárik

Data Science Trainee

Pursuing his BSc at CUB, where his major is Economic and Financial Mathematical Analysis. After graduating this year Ádám plans to study for a Master’s degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics at ELTE.
His focus area is inverse sensitivity analysis of rankings, but he also gained experience in R and VBA.
Eager to learn more about data science and improve his programming and visualisation skills to make data more understandable.

Anna Bánóczi

Data Science Trainee

After finishing her secondary studies in faculty of mathematics, she started her bachelor studies at CUB in Applied Economics in 2016.
She is also a member of Mathias Corvinus Collegium where she is the vice president of a student fellowship. Interested in economics, econometrics, and consulting, so she organised a case study competition for 1000+ secondary grammar school students in 2017/2018.

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We provide state of the art data science solutions for your business problems.

Lifetime value services

Know how much your customers are worth and how to maximize lifetime value.

A/B testing & evaluations

Make testing decisions confidently so you know what to develop to stay competitive.

Renewable power scheduling

Save time on power generation scheduling and increase return by exploiting machine learning.

Fraud detection

Detect and minimize transaction fraud that infects your reputation.

Optimization & pricing

Let optimization help you cut through complex  operation dilemmas and get better pricing fit to demand.

BI & dashboard visualization

Gain increased control of your business and make data-driven decisions quickly.

Customized solutions

Let’s work together to find solutions based on your data for any issues you may have.

Programming skills

  • R
  • Python
  • Shiny - R visualization
  • PowerBI - Microsoft
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MySQL
  • DigitalOcean
  • AWS
  • Google Analytics
  • EViews
  • SPSS

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Data Science is at the intersection of Business, Statistics and Programming, with a special focus on Communication.Our small and agile team can bring you this mix now, to help you reach your potential.

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We are not just data scientists, we are business consultants who help you solve your problems with the help of data science. You get actionable insights and action plans. You just have to make decisions.



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